Welcome to the East Bay Conservatory of Music where the pursuit of excellence is achieved at the highest standard. The Conservatory prides itself on the quality of music instruction provided by its professional staff. From the very early stage, a foundation is established making learning music a rewarding and most enjoyable experience. The Conservatory accepts students of all ages, as early as 4 years old to adults.

Pedagogical Philosophy:
Studying at the East Bay Conservatory of Music, students learn everything about their musical instrument and taught proper foundation and technique. Reading skills are taught and reinforced with sight-reading exercises and music theory. Lessons are structured, guided and goal oriented. Our methodology in teaching ensures the development of skills that will last a lifetime.

There are those that believe that music is just a recreational activity. Music goes beyond recreation, where the skills taught have a lasting impact on cognitive and physical development. Students learn to manage their time and schedule, develop a sense of self-discipline, commitment and perseverance. Academically, music compliments other fields of study including mathematics, science, languages and art.

The Music Development Program:
The Royal Conservatory Music Development Program provides a recognized national standard of musical success through an effectively sequenced course of study from beginner to advanced levels. The program inspires excellence through individual student assessments and allows students to understand progress in relation to others across the country. It also supports teachers with high-quality and innovative recourses. All students in the United States deserve the opportunity to celebrate their musical achievements nationally.


Special awards and incentives are granted to students that achieve excellence in their musical studies. At the national level, top-performing students may be invited to perform in a special recital honoring students that achieve excellence in their assessment through The Music Development Program. At the state level, top performing students are invited to perform in a special recital honoring their achievement in the assessment. And at the East Bay Conservatory of Music, students completing their assessments with distinction in either practical or theoretical subjects are granted special awards and recognition for their achievement.


The Environment:
Students are taught in a nurturing and enjoyable environment. Praise is awarded with every accomplishment building confidence and self esteem. Music should always be fun, but it also requires effort and commitment. Daily practice is expected to ensure steady progress and positive results. Music lessons are a costly investment, and parental involvement is essential for the success of their child’s musical development. Progress reports are provided on a regular basis either in written form or by verbal communication, and in the near future, electronically.

The Music Development Program Assessment Center:
The East Bay Conservatory of Music is host to one of the original founding assessment centers for the Royal Conservatory Music Development Program. The Royal Conservatory, founded in 1886 in Toronto Ontario Canada, is the core of the assessment program establishing a international standard. The Alameda County / Fremont assessment center was established in the winter session 2003.

Academic Records:
Students participating in The Music Development Program are adjudicated with the highest assessment standard. Parents can be assured that markings are granted in a non-biased and objective manner no matter where the assessment took place. The integrity of the assessment program is widely recognized by other academic institutions internationally. Academic transcripts may be obtained for submission for college application despite whether the applicant is pursuing music or not. 

ARCT Diploma:
Students may complete their Associates diploma, which is equivalent to a three-year bachelors degree and it is next to the highest academic standing awarded by the Royal Conservatory, through The Music Development Program. The highest standing awarded by the Royal Conservatory is the licentiate diploma. Students can specialize in Performance, Pedagogy, Theory, Composition and Music History. Upon completing Level 9 requirements, including practical and theoretical subjects, students are free to begin pedagogical studies and develop their teaching skills at the East Bay Conservatory of Music under the supervision and guidance of professional staff.